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It’s common belief that eating carb-heavy foods will make you put on weight, increase your waistline and ruin an otherwise good diet.

Feast after dark

Carbs are a delicious food group that I personally just love, foods such as, Potatoes, beans, bread, dairy (milk, yogurt, ice cream) and pasta. Who doesn’t love a good pasta for dinner at mums place.


The good news is you can lose weight fast by eating carbs. And eating carbs after dark may actually speed up weight loss. Eating dishes such as rice pasta and bread before you go to bed can help you blitz more body fat when you wake up the next day. Eating carbs at night is more beneficial to fat loss.

Knowing that in the later stages of sleep our bodies become metabolically active and burn fat anyway, so the idea that you put on weight from a meal you ate close to bedtime is rubbish.

Carbs and a good night’s sleep


There is now evidence to suggest that certain carbohydrates in the evening could aid a good night’s sleep. Apparently carb-heavy foods help the body release chemicals such as tryptophan that aids in the production of brain neurotransmitters that help calm our nerves and help us stay asleep.

Porridge oats cooked with skimmed milk just before bed is a great snack that is low in fat and high in nerve-calming B vitamins. A recent study also revealed the extent of eating carbs in the evening can speed up weight loss.

After 6pm if you want carbs eat them enjoy them

Eating carbs at night may prevent midday hunger, better support weight loss and improve metabolic outcomes over conventional weight loss diets. A Test group that ate most daily carbohydrates at dinner, compared to those who spread them out during the day actually showed greater losses in total body weight, body fat and waist circumference.

This study is a small sample, but proof of this mythical fallacy. “It’s now after 6pm. If you want carbohydrates and they fit your goal and enjoyment, eat them.”


Feast on healthy carbs


You no longer have to be concerned about what time you can eat or snack on carbs. There is enough research and evidence that prove eating carbs after dark can be healthy and beneficial to your health and waistline. You now have the freedom to enjoy your favourite healthy carbohydrate foods and happily eat them just before bed. Indulge yourself.

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