Weight loss and fiber – It’s so easy





Diets can be overwhelming, but one small change can do a lot. Currently we are eating approximately half the amount of the recommended fiber intake. A few small changes to our diet can have a very positive outcome to our health and our waistline.




Boost health

We’re beginning to realize that people who eat more dietary fiber are actually feeding their gut microbiome. There are also already plenty of other studies detailing the many ways’ fiber boosts health. We know that fiber leads to greater satiety, less insulin secretion, and more short-chain fatty acids, which all amounts to one thing: less body weight.

People who are obese consistently report eating less fiber than people who aren’t. So understanding the importance of weight loss and fiber is crucial if you are serious about your health and excess body fat. Fiber intake is inversely associated with body mass index.

Eat more fiber


Eating more fiber helps overweight people lose weight and body fat. It’s been shown to reduce breast cancer risk by reducing estrogen levels in the blood and to promote healthy aging.

Those of us who eat a high fiber diet were less likely to suffer from hypertension, diabetes, dementia, depression, and functional disability. So if you are the kind of person who just wants to be a little bit healthier without completely revamping your life just try to eat more fiber.







Fiber so easy to eat

The best part about this health advice is that it doesn’t involve eating something you don’t like. Fiber is in almost every fruit, vegetable, and whole grain. A delicious Chipotle burrito with brown rice and corn salsa will get you 22 grams of fiber, compared to just 3 grams in a Big Mac. Fiber foods don’t have to be boring and uneventful, you could eat more apples and celery, sure, but there’s also fiber in things like corn tortillas, beans, grainy bread and some types of breakfast cereal.

Eat more fiber – ditch the complicated diet

You don’t have to stop eating anything you do like: People lose about as much weight just by eating a lot of fiber as they do on complicated diets, even if they eat slightly more calories in the process. If you love Corn Flakes for breakfast just cut a banana over your Corn Flakes, and you will increase your fiber intake while still enjoying your favourite breakfast cereal.


You don’t need to start a diet fad ( Lemon detox diet, Paleo diet, Soup diet, The Dukan diet, Atkins diet, or a Smoothy diet) or go on some crazy fitness regime, just choose a healthier full fiber diet that can still be delicious. Enjoy the food you love, just add more fiber.



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